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18 Powerful Music Tools to Inspire Novices and Keep Serious Musicians in Tune

Looking for some at-home fun? These awesome apps were selected by our teachers to provide hours of creative discovery. There’s metronome that counts for you. A band you can accompany. You can learn about rhythm, play along with your favorite drummers, even create and record your own music.

Let us know your favorites, and share your musical creations with your friends on our website.

Apps for kids:

Flashnote Derby on the App Store

Student Favorite! Race to get as many music letter names correct to win the horse derby race!

For iPad and iPhone

Rhythm Swing

Tap the correct rhythms so your monkey can successfully escape the alligator swamp land!

Piano Adventures Player

Play along background accompaniment tracks in Piano Adventures Lesson Books. Access sheet music digitally.

Music Crab: Easy Music Theory

Music Crab is a fun, musical game for learning to read music!

Follow the steps of a crab diving through the ocean, through 182 levels, improve your memory and train your ear at your own pace, music theory has never been as easy!

Easy Music

Student favorite! Learn music concepts with cute animals. Also create and record your own sample composition.

Piano Maestro

Fun and engaging piano practice tool that makes sheet music from popular songs come to life!

The Most Addicting Sheep Game

Student Favorite! Jump your sheep to the beat in this addicting game!

Blob Chorus

Introduce children to pitch in a fun way and see how well your ear can hear different pitches.

Apps for all ages and levels:


Turn your device into a full featured recording studio and make your own music.

Pro Metronome

A great practice tool to keep even rhythm. Every student needs a metronome!

SpeakBeat Metronome

A metronome that counts aloud from you! A great practice tool for beginners.


Play along with your favorite drummers! Rock beats, jazz, blues, funk, and more. You can even adjust the tempo!

Amazing Slow Downer

Slow down your favorite songs to learn them by ear! You can loop the most difficult sections and slow the tempo down to a manageable speed. An essential practice tool for intermediate and advanced students!

Theory Lessons

Learn music theory on your phone or tablet. Theory Lessons features 39 music theory lessons from, presented in their original animated versions. A fun and interactive approach to learning music theory!

iReal Pro

Practice makes perfect. iReal Pro offers an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their art. It simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice. The app also lets you create and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference.

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer

Improve your sight reading with immediate feedback of timing accuracy. Carefully graduated levels from simple to professional allow you to start at your best level and improve at your own pace, more rapidly than on your own instrument. Practice anytime and anywhere!

Ear Trainer

Listening is the most important skill in music, and this app will help you to listen better.

Ear Trainer is an educational tool designed for musicians, music students and anyone interested in improving one's musical ear. It has over 260 individual exercises that are conveniently placed into nine different areas of study. It is also possible to create custom exercises so that you can practice exactly what you need.

No need to be an expert, Ear Trainer is suitable for all users from beginner to very advanced. No matter what level your musical hearing skills are, Ear Trainer will help to hone them.

Guitar Tuna

An excellent tuner! Very accurate and reliable. Works for guitar, bass, and ukulele!

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